Dear Product Teams…

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… can you name the last product you used that felt purpose-built to support your discovery practices?

We couldn’t either.

Wait, seriously?

Especially in 2023, when it’s difficult to look around and not think that product discovery is having its moment.

We’ve felt this pain acutely both while scaling a product org past Series C and while getting a pre-seed startup off the ground. How can it be, that the core activity of product management is so woefully lacking bespoke tooling?

In starting the Orbital journey, we spent the first several months speaking to scores of Product Managers about their product discovery practices. Few felt they had it figured out, and even fewer felt they had the right tool for the job.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

But if it is…

So we’ve set out to build infrastructure for modern product teams to supercharge their discovery practices. We can’t think of much more exciting than helping product teams around the globe build better products.

And for our first trick: we’ll make user interviews auto-magically appear in your calendar, with the exact users/customers you need to progress your discovery.

Care to come along for the ride? Sign-up for the early access program here:

See you around,

Ben & Raphael

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